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Key Habits of All The Top, Experienced Traders

Not everyone in the stock market focus on valuations. Some people just focus on riding the momentum in the market. The latter group of people are called traders, who prefer to take a shorter-term view on the markets. They keep an eye on the market wind and follow it where it blows. If you are...
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Predicting Movements and Improving Trading Outcomes with Gann Theory

The stock market is a place of opportunities and uncertainties. While both of these are essential for unimaginable outcomes, trading in such an unpredictable environment may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks to trading strategies like Gann theory for the stock market that have made life easy for new traders. The best thing about...
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Using Predictive Analytics to Pinpoint Trading and Investing Opportunities

Your trading success largely depends on how good you’re at identifying the most lucrative opportunities with the help of statistical trends. It is essential to consider price movement and volume, as they play an important role in evaluating trading and investing opportunities. Predictive analytics can be your way to go. Does predictive analytics help make...
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3 Reasons Why Gann Theory Is The Best Analysis for Investment

If you have been in the trading or investment business for a while, chances are you probably have heard of the Gann theory. Developed in the 1900s, the Gann theory is a concept originated by William D. Gann. He was a successful trader who believed that stock prices change from an angle. Based on his...
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