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Invisible Hands

Many investors rely solely on fundamentals to guide them. Nobody can “time the market” – that is what mainstream analysts would have you believe. However it is quite clear that we are living in an age where accountants can play any number of games to dress up the balance sheets. Many respected analysts and market gurus are often too timid to voice an alternative view and stray from the consensus – you do not get fired for being wrong if you are part of the crowd.

Under such circumstances it behooves the responsible trader and investor to seek out a independent view. An incisive independent view based on Gann Analysis and Predictive Modeling is what we excel at. At Gann Analysis LLC it is our aim to isolate the short, intermediate and long-term trades and turning points well in advance of the event by using Technical Analysis and Gann Theory.

Gann Factors

W.D. Gann teaches us that knowing “when” something is going to happen is often more important than knowing “what” is going to happen. W.D. Gann trading methods are the key to Stock Market profits. Gann Analysis LLC strives to “pull back the curtain” and show in simple terms the best trading opportunities based on the principles originally discovered by the master himself.