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Hi James, 

I just want to say that I love your program and it has helped me see and read my charts SO much better. I have another program that does what you do with Gann but I only hear from him every now and then and he is always wrong on his picks. The way you explain the charts and lay them out opens up my eyes when I look back at my charts. I have only been trading for about 2 yr now and I am still learning. I have learned how to master charting off buy and sell zones and when I get your report on the charts I am spot on. I have been looking for someone like yourself that was not just trying to sell a product to make money but has the passion and care about what you put out to your customers. Thank you and keep it coming. You are the best.


– Lionel

You are doing a great job. For the first time I am profitable and my losses are manageable.


– Victor from Florida