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TIME and PRICE: Gann Analysis allows you to find the “Rhythm of the Markets”

What We Do

Have you ever noticed that the people who tell you “Don’t try to time the market” are the same people who tell you to buy at the high and sell at the low? By using W.D. Gann trading strategies you can time the market and that is what we do at Gann Analysis LLC.  We called the High for the SPX in January 2022.  We called the Low in Bitcoin in December 2018, the Low in WTI in July 2023, the High in Gold in September 2011 and an important High for the S&P 500 in the Fall of 2018. Missing the “turn” is the same thing as missing the trade. Subscribe to Gann Analysis LLC to get on the right side of the major trades and trends as they are happening, not weeks or months after the fact.

Gann Analysis LLC is the definitive source for Technical Analysis, W.D. Gann’s Theory, and the key to creating Stock Market profits by identifying and exploiting the major trends driving the global financial markets. In addition to Gann Analysis, our company works synergistically to provide our clients with the best possible trades and the most profitable investing strategies. Our Predictive Model is based on the dynamic identification of global secular trends and the modeling of the mechanics of the global money supply. Our forecasts undergo testing using technical analysis methods and are intended for both traders and investors.

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Take a look at what Gann Analysis LLC has to say before you trade your favorite market. Keep in mind that W.D. Gann trading strategies work best in volatile markets.

TIME is more important than PRICE.

You have heard it said, “Don’t try to time the market!”  That comes from people who don’t understand Gann. A lot of people have a bias towards PRICE. Most chartists look at PRICE, not TIME. Gann looked at both TIME and PRICE. It is the dance between TIME and PRICE that gives us the insights as to when and at what level a market will “turn.” As W. D. Gann said, “When the market is in balance you get a change in trend.”

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W.D. Gann techniques are based on the “geometry” of TIME and PRICE. As you look at the Gann Square of the Range for Gold, you can see that many turns occur when TIME and PRICE are in balance. It is the rhythm of the market that we try to find using Gann Analysis. That is how profits are made.

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For insights on currencies and other markets follow the links below to access our sample technical analyses. The principles of W.D. Gann will help you understand the current volatility in the stock market.

Gann Analysis LLC (formerly Catapult Research Inc.) was launched on March 8th, 2001 by James Smith with the goal of making Technical Analysis and Gann Theory more accessible to traders and investors. Catapult Research founder, James Smith, graduated from the American Graduate School of International Management in 1987 with a Masters In Management Degree. In his career, James has traded bonds at UBS P&D, worked at Reuters as a Capital Markets Manager, and filled the position of Director of Marketing at PEI. Throughout his career, James Smith has held an abiding interest in Gann Theory.